BakeBella setup at Tudor Barn
BakeBella venue setup
BakeBella setup at Tudor Barn

Delivery & Set-up

To guarantee your wedding cake reaches your venue in perfect condition I personally deliver and set up every order, taking the stress away from you on the day. I am incredibly experienced in the handling of wedding cakes so you can be assured that your dream cake will arrive safely at your venue and be perfectly displayed for you and all your guests to admire!

I cannot offer a flat-rate fee for delivery and setup due to the bespoke nature of each order.  All delivery charges are calculated on a distance and time basis and these will be discussed at the same time as your cake quote.

Below you will find a bit more information on the areas I cover, what's included in my Delivery & Set-Up service and some guide pricing.

BakeBella setup at Oakley Hall

Areas Covered

I prefer to keep deliveries local as although I have perfected the art of cake delivery, the less time a cake needs to travel the better! I currently cover the county of Wiltshire and nearby areas including:


Andover                             Melksham    

Bath                                     Pewsey

Bradford on Avon           Royal Wootton Bassett

Calne                                   Salisbury

Chippenham                     Swindon

Corsham                            Trowbridge

Devizes                              Warminster

Frome                                 Westbury



If you would like to book me as your wedding cake supplier but can't see your venue area above or your venue is located outside of Wiltshire please get in touch. I can deliver outside of Wiltshire and happy to calculate Delivery & Set-Up costs upon request.

What's Included?

Many of my cakes require finishing touches once in the venue and may even have to be fully or partially stacked on-site. In addition to this tiered cakes are incredibly delicate and can be quite heavy so they require extra care when transporting. 


Delivery & Set-Up service includes:

  • the delivery of your cake to your venue for the specified time (as agreed with you and your venue)

  • liaison with your Event Coordinator at your venue and any waiting time incurred whilst your cake table is set up

  • cake assembly (e.g. full-stacking or adding tiers to larger cake arrangements)

  • additional decoration of the cake in-situ (i.e. adding fresh flowers)

  • complimentary venue handover pack (includes cake cutting guide, ingredients list, allergen info and handling instructions)


BakeBella setup at East Hampstead Park
BakeBella Setup at East Hampstead Park

Delivery & Setup Costs

The Delivery & Set-Up costs will vary for every order but to give you an idea of costs combine the delivery and set-up guide costs below.


Delivery charges (to and from the venue):

First 15 miles - £1 per mile

15 to 30 miles - 85p per mile

31 miles onwards - 75p per mile

Set-Up Costs:

Cake stacking (varies on cake size) - from £10

Simple flower & foliage decoration - from £15

Elaborate flower & foliage decoration - from £25

Adding cake topper - £1.50

Complimentary handover pack - free


Please note: delivery costs are calculated as starting from my home in Devizes, including the return journey. The routes taken will be at my discretion on the day of delivery.

Any Questions?

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have (no matter how small or silly you think they may be). Most couples have never ordered a wedding cake before so if there are any aspects of the ordering process that you aren't quite sure about please just pop me a message!