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Hello & Welcome!

HOORAH! I have finally launched my brand-new BakeBella website!

Over the next few months I will be working my little cupcake socks off to provide you with lots of new and exciting wedding cake, birthday cake and on-trend creations over on the BakeBella website. I will also be posting fresh content here on the blog, with delicious recipes for you to bake at home, step-by-step tutorials, product reviews and more. So if that sounds like your sort of thing be sure to bookmark BakeBella and pop over to the Facebook page and give us a like or follow me on Instagram to stay in the know.

Beauty in the baking! But also in the branding!

Whilst working on the website it was also my job to design the brand-new BakeBella logo and branding, which I am incredibly chuffed with!

I like to think that BakeBella is incredibly current and up to date when it comes to the latest cake fashion and trends, so I desperately wanted to relay that through the branding. I decided to keep it quite simple so I could easily incorporate the design elements throughout the website and the above is the end result - what do you think?

Launching soon:

So, not only have I been super busy designing logos and websites, but I have also been working on several other things in a bid to keep BakeBella fresh and exciting, such as...



Originating from our friends over in the US, cakesicles are a spin on a popsicle (ice lolly). They look a bit like a magnum ice cream, but they are in fact made of cake and coated in candy melts or chocolate and decorated however you choose! Just like all my cakes and bakes, cakesicles can be decorated to suit any celebration or event and are perfect for the little one's party bags, wedding favours or even as a unique gift.

Cupcake Bouquets!

Now these are something that I have personally been very excited about for quite some time, mainly because I am obsessed with always having a vase of fresh flowers in the studio!

Cupcake bouquets are 7 of your regular-sized cupcakes, decorated however you choose and displayed in a bouquet-shaped box, tied with a bow and nestled in tissue paper that compliments your colour scheme. These really do look stunning and make the perfect gift for birthday's, anniversaries, thank you's, good luck's, congratulation's, baby showers etc...and better yet I will be offering them at reasonable prices, bonus!

Free-From/Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes!

I am also working very hard on my free-from, vegetarian and vegan recipes. My aim is to create these options with the same high level of distinct and decadent flavours as all of my regular recipes.

With the increase of food allergies and lifestyle choices I believe it's important that those who can't eat regular cake don't need to miss out!

So that's it for my first blog post - short & sweet just like me!

Don't forget to check back next week to see what I've been up to in the cake studio, or if you want to check out our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter you will find me on all social media platforms at @BakeBellaUk

Enjoy your weekend!

Abby x

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