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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Enjoy buying your cake supplies from Purple Cupcakes
Purple Cupcakes

With several cake projects on the go at once I am always looking for a supply company that can offer me a wide range of materials and equipment in one place, rather than having to spend hours searching Google and forking out on numerous delivery costs.

Purple Cupcakes Shop, based in Lancashire.

Last week I was beyond excited when I came across Purple Cupcakes online store and have since placed 2 orders in the last week! Based in Lancashire, Purple Cupcakes have both a physical shop and an online shop, providing us cake decorating enthusiasts with an incredible variety of cake goods! I'm talking all your usual suspects; cake boards, boxes, cake tins, cupcake cases, colour pastes, sugarpastes, cutters, piping nozzles, modelling tools etc. They also stock all the well known brands including Sugarflair, Rainbow Dust, PME, Renshaw, Squires Kitchen and FMM just to name a few.

Cake decorating heaven! (inside Purple Cupcakes).

Not only do Purple Cupcakes stock all the high quality brands that I have come to rely on over the years, but they also stock their own range of fabulous products, some of which I have had the pleasure of using this week.

Cupcake Cases:

Cupcake cases are a regular purchase for me and their own range of cupcake cases come in a fantastic range of colours, but not only that, you can purchase 60 cases and pick a variety of colours for £3.50 - this is absolutely genius for when you have several cupcake orders which all require a different colour scheme, but don't require a large number of the same colour cases!

Cupcake cases from Purple Cupcakes
Measurements of the cupcake cases are approx: 65mm (top) x 51mm (base) x 38mm (high)

The cases are of excellent quality and there is absolutely no colour fading during baking, unlike some others I have used in the past, so these get a definitive 10/10 ✴

Cupcake Bouquet Boxes:

Launched alongside the new BakeBella website this weekend was my new range of Cupcake Bouquets. I researched several different ways of creating these and upon seeing the offerings from Purple Cupcakes I decided the quality looked, by far, the best.

Baby Shower Cupcakes
Cupcake Bouquet boxes assembled showing my baby shower themed cupcakes

Ranging from £2.95 to £3.45 and available in a great selection of colours to suit all themes and occasions, this product consists of 1 cupcake bouquet box and the invisiTray™ EXCLUSIVE to Purple Cupcakes!

No more fiddling with cups - cocktail sticks, polystyrene - anything.  All you do is place the amazing  invisiTray™ on top of your box and sit your cupcakes on.  What's more all you see is your stunning creation.  No ugly plastic or fixings etc.  

You can also find cupcake bouquet kits and bundle deals, plus a wide variety of cupcake bouquet packaging and accessories, such as cellophane, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, decorative picks and more, all reasonably priced and perfect for adding those finishing touches. You will also find that there is plenty of choice colour-wise so coordinating your boxes, bows and ribbons is super easy.

The cupcake bouquet boxes measure approx:

Honestly, I could not be any happier with the quality and look of this product. The assembling is easy as there are number guides on the bottoms of the boxes, the invisiTray™ fits in snug so there is no chance of the tray tipping up and the quick-pull bows are perfect for cinching in the middle and add the loveliest final touch!

10/10 ✴

Purple Cupcakes Sprinkles
Purple Cupcakes Sprinkles


Now I am a sucker for pretty sprinkles and I love the Sprinkletti range, however getting hold of them can sometimes be a little bit of a nightmare, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Purple Cupcakes stock their own range.

Including sugar pearls, candy coated pearls, shaped sprinkles, confetti and more I was really spoilt for choice!

I was working on baby shower cupcake designs so aptly chose their Ocean mix, Petal mix and the Unicorn mix (how could I not!)

Ocean mix sprinkles Purple Cupcakes
Ocean Mix

Petal mix sprinkles Purple Cupcakes
Petal Mix

Unicorn mix sprinkles Purple Cupcakes
Unicorn Mix

These are all 100g tubs costing £3.95 each, which is around the same amount you would pay from most suppliers for this type of assortment.

They truly are the prettiest sprinkles I have used in a long long time! The subtle shimmer adds the loveliest touch and the fact that the variety available is so great I know I will definitely be stocking up of plenty more in the upcoming weeks!

10/10 ✴

Customer Service:

I must also mention the fantastic customer service I received when placing my last order. Good old auto-fill decided to fill in some of my delivery details incorrectly (message to self - always type in your address from now on) which I did not realise until I received my order confirmation.

Knowing how quickly they dispatch orders, I instantly opened their online chat feature where I spoke to the lovely Fiona. I explained what had happened and was amazed when she informed me that she had already googled my address and amended the details correctly! I was so impressed as good customer service is very rare to find these days, in my own experience that is.


Purple Cupcakes are simply fantastic. Their extensive range of supplies available, the prices, the quality of the products, delivery costs & order turnaround, plus the excellent customer service - honestly, I cannot recommend them highly enough!

If you are looking for a new supplier, or just need to order a few bits here and there, please do check out their website. You will not be disappointed!

Enjoy your week!

Abby ❤

Have you ordered from Purple Cupcakes before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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